Here you can see the most frequent questions about purchasing ASIC mining equipment with us.

If you still have questions, please write to [email protected]

Question What shipping methods are available?
AnswerWe use industry-leading companies: DHL or Fedex and choose the one that offers the fastest delivery and the best price for your particular shipment.
Question Do you ship internationally?
AnswerWe ship our products from Hong Kong to Europe, North America, Central America and South America. If you need any other destination, please contact us by writing to [email protected] for more details.
Question Do you offer free shipping?
AnswerOur system will show you the shipping cost after you select the products you want to buy and fill in the delivery address.

Deliveries within China, including Hong Kong are free of charge. However, some models may not be available inside Mainland China.

Question How long does it take to receive my package?
AnswerThe dispatch time of all our products in stock is 7 – 14 days after payment is confirmed. Then, the international courier company (DHL or Fedex) will deliver the package to your doorstep in 7 – 14 days approximately, depending on the country of destination.
Question Do I have to pay anything else in my country?
AnswerYes, for most products you will have to pay taxes and import duties on the value we write on the Commercial Invoice, which is usually 50% of the actual price (so you pay less taxes). If you prefer to use the actual price on your invoice, please notify us in “Notes” at the end of the order. The amount will be charged directly by the courier company (DHL or Fedex) a few days before delivering your product. To verify the exact tax rate, check with your local courier using the HS Code for Miners: 84715000
Question What payment methods are accepted?
AnswerWe accept cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT, USDC, BUSD) and bank transfers to our account in Hong Kong.

NOTE: If you want to make a test payment, use the following link

We also accept bank transfers to our corporate account in Hong Kong for orders over 2000USD. You must first generate an order in our online store and add your order number in “notes” during checkout and send proof of payment within 24 hours to [email protected] for us to update the order status after receiving payment.

BANK: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC)
ACCOUNT: 023257009838 (USD, EURO)

*All international transaction fees must be paid by the sender.

Question What currency are the prices of the products in?
AnswerAll prices in our online store are in US dollars. The prices of available products are frequently updated according to industry conditions.
Question Is it safe to buy from your online store?
AnswerOur company has been established in Hong Kong and also mainland China and we are engaged in technology and e-commerce since 2012. We have completed more than 800 orders from all over the world with a 98% satisfaction rate. Rest assured that we only sell products of excellent quality and with competitive prices.
Question My order says ``Pending`` but I have already made the payment
AnswerThe status “Confirming…” indicates that your transaction has been detected, but that we are still waiting for confirmation from the network.

Once you see this status, there is nothing more you need to do on your end. Feel free to close the invoice tab and wait for an email once we confirm payment.

Transaction confirmation times depend on 1) the transaction fee that was added during checkout and 2) network congestion. Transactions are usually confirmed within an hour, but can take several hours or even days if the attached transaction fee is too low.

Question Can I pay from an Exchange?
AnswerIf you pay from an exchange such as Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc. please cover the transaction cost they charge you.

Network Alert: Use the native Bitcoin network for BTC payments.

Question Can I cancel or change my order?
AnswerAll purchases are final. Any order that has been confirmed cannot be updated, refunded or cancelled.
Question How can I track my order?
AnswerAfter shipment, we will provide the tracking number of the courier company we use (DHL or Fedex). We usually provide this code 7 business days after shipment.

You can visit the official website of DHL or Fedex and track the status of the package with the tracking number.

Question How does the warranty work?
AnswerAll products have up to 12-month factory warranty, please read the product description carefully to see this information. If necessary, you can directly contact the technical team of the brand of your equipment using the serial number of the equipment.

If there is any faulty equipment all repairs are free of charge, however we do not cover any extra fees like international transportation or taxes.

Question What if I need spare parts?
AnswerWe offer spare parts at cost, exclusively for old customers and machines purchased in our virtual store.
Question How long can we use an ASIC miner?
AnswerAccording to our own experience, the useful life of an ASIC equipment is 2 to 4 years depending on its use and maintenance.
Question Are the miners 100% new?
AnswerYes. We do not sale second hand or refurbished products on our website.
Question Does the miner have power supply included?
AnswerMost new generation ASIC miners already include an integrated power supply. Please remember that all power supplies (PSU) manufactured in China operate at 220v.
Question Do I need any other accessories?
AnswerNo. Apart from the miner and its power supply, you only need two cables:

a) CAT6 LAN (connect to your internet router)

b) Electricity cable to connect the power supply to the wall (C13 10A or C19 16A).

Question Is there any minimum or maximum purchase quantity?
AnswerFor personal purchases, we recommend limiting your order to 3 units max. If you want to buy more, you can do so under a different name and address, or by dividing purchases every 2 weeks.

For purchases over 3 units in the same order, we recommend consulting with a customs broker in your city before shipping.